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Mow the Dog - Fun 'n Games from the Mow the Dog Archives

"...is that my ball?"

Moe, company founder, vice president and mascot, 1999

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Wacky Warps!...The newest craze sweeping our corporate headquarters!  See what happens when you take a picture and use your mouse to squish and squash (those are technical terms...sorry if you're having trouble following along) it into all kinds of nutty shapes.  It's the perfect waste of company time and energy!  Check out the Wacky Warps! pages and have field day as you exact revenge on the boyband revolution by squashing the head of our latest subject, Justin (NSYNCH) Timbershorts.   Or, go into our archive to mess with "Dubya" and our original warpee, Moe the Dog
Round 1 | Round 2
Round 3 | Round 4
Round 5
It's the game inspired by our good friend and musical juggernaut (and the best damn plate-scrapin', drink slingin', napkin flingin' waiter and bartender we know), KC Cary.  It's a game of sheer skill and intense knowledge of ancient history and art... Aw, hell - it's a silly game put together by a guy with far too much free time on his hands is what it is.  Guess whose body we stuck KC's Head on top of and you WIN!  Brand new for February 01 - Round 5 of KC's Head!!!
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Unless you were a complete social mutant, you must remember those little Madlibs books.  They had the little stories with entry blanks for you to put in your own words to complete the story.  Of course, young gentlemen such as myself, always tended to choose complex, meaningful words like poop, ka-ka, weenie, cooter and booby.  You can too if you like...just go to our Madlibs Page and cuss yourself silly.
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Don't be frightened, boys and girls...Behind the scary name and the big, burly manly-man exterior is a dope just like you and me.   Hey, how could you be scared by a guy who once donned a superhero cape (more commonly known as "bedsheet") and dove head-first off a flight of stairs?   Lucky for us, the hardwood floor landing and subsequent blunt head trauma have led to years of irreverent thoughts and oddball views of life, captured here for your enjoyment.   Enter the Wonders of Wartooth
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See all the silly things we've done with our pooch, Moe.  Not to fear, all you animal-rights wackos, none of this is real...it's all done with the computer.  Well, except for the turkey.  But that was not my fault.  How would I know a microwave could do that???  Check out the goofy images in the Moe Archive
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Have you ever met someone you felt was just the most serious, earnest, deep-thinking individual you have ever encountered?  Well, meet their evil brother, Bob.  This guy's got more than a screw loose; he's got a drawer full of unmatched nuts and bolts.  He's about three sammies short of a picnic, if you catch my drift...but he does find some interesting things for us to listen to.   Come in and check out the latest from Cowboy Bob

**KC's Head is property of Mow the Dog Productions.  Any use of said head for any purpose without the express-written consent of Mow the Dog Productions is in violation of ownership priveledges.  We own KC's Head.  This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Mow the Dog Productions.