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Mow the Dog presents Cowboy Bob's Rodeo O' Fun

Cowboy Bob

"Shirley Hemphill really was a fine actress"
Cowboy Bob, friend of studio...not really a cowboy, 1999

OK, so you may be thinking to yourself: "Self...what does this Cowboy stuff have to do with Mow the Dog?"  Well, the answer is, absolutely nothing...the demented person who makes this junk up just thought it was a pretty funny picture.  Anyway, "Cowboy" Bob, aka Bob K, is one of those people who has far too much free time on his hands.  While he's not sitting in a pile of salty snack foods and sucking down gallons of cheap beer, Bob scours the world, gathering goofy sounds and embarrassing clips from celebrities for our enjoyment.  Sure, it may not be the best use of valuable time, but would you rather have him out on the highway???

Suggestions for Cowboy Bob? Write to bkanish@san.rr.com

Entry #3 - October, 2000:
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The World's Most Versatile Word! (wav file ~300k)

A true classic clip...an enlightening, educational look into one of the most popular words in the English language.  So, without further ado...make sure you cover the kid's ears, lower the volume so your boss can't hear, and get ready for some fun.   Now go click the f*#kin' link.

Entry #2 - November 29, 1999:
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The Lost Linda McCartney Tapes (wav file ~1.2m)

All we can say about this is "Wow".  It may take a while to download, but once you've got it..it's a keeper.  This is the actual board recording from a Paul McCartney concert where the engineer isolated Linda's shrill backing vocals and meandering tambourine work.  You won't believe your ears!!!

Entry #1 - October 22, 1999:
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The Amiable Earl Weaver (mp3 audio clip, ~800k)

Uh oh, kiddies...look out.  Earl Weaver, ex-manager and special guest during this Baltimore Oriole's Pre-game show was a bit miffed at the line of questions coming from the show's host and was all too happy to tell him so.  Listen carefully, as Earl shows his supreme command of the four letter words currently available in the English language.  If you're offended by offensive language...stay away, for corn's sake.


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