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GAME #4: April, 2000 - KC IN THE FAMILY
Just like KC's golf game, this one is all about the bunkers.
Give me the character name and and performer for each.

Rules of the Game: This game is designed for entertainment purposes only (please...gambling will not be tolerated).  No prizes will be awarded, but winners will have the sheer satisfaction of knowing they've solved the mysteries of KC's HEAD.  Losers, on the other hand, will receive two free tickets to Krazy Karaoke, Thursday nights at the Pattenburg House.

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KC #1:   Oh Aaaarrrcheeeee.  Who could forget this loveable KC with the voice sweet as nails on chalkboard?  Ok, well besides me, who could? Character name:
KC #2:   No, meathead does not count.  This KC went from this show to directing the classic rock mockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap". Character name:
KC #3:   This irascible KC has since gone deaf from sitting at the piano next to that screechy bat, Jean Stapleton.  Aw crap, I just gave away an answer. Character name:
KC #4:   This KC went straight from television stardom to the dinner table and, at last account, has not gotten up.  She does, however, have a recurring role as a bloated slob who hides cake from starving Ethernopians on South Park.  So, that's good. Character name:

If you are happy with your guesses, hit submit to send your responses to Mow the Dog.  Please include your name so we can list you as a KC's Head Winner!  If you'd like to be part of a Mow the Dog mailing list, enter your email address.  Don't worry, your name will not be added to any list outside of Mow the Dog.   Feel free to add any comments or suggestions for more entries for KC's Head.   Thanks for playing!

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