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Mow the Dog presents
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Justin Timberschwanz Edition

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Click and drag to Warp the head of our little N'Synch friend.  It's fun..it's free...
it's a great way to waste quality work hours and really piss off corporate America!

(If you had a Java-capable browser, you'd see a really cool applet here.) Here's some favorites so far...
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warp_justin04.jpg (6546 bytes)

warp_justin05.jpg (6045 bytes)  warp_justin06.jpg (6050 bytes)

Why not send your warp to us - just hit your "Alt" and "Prt Scrn" buttons at the same time to capture the picture, then paste it into Word and send it to us in email - bbridge@mowthedog.com.  We'll post your work of art on this page

Applet by Alex Rosen - http://www.axlrosen.net/


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