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Rules of the Game:
This game is designed for entertainment purposes only (please...no wagering).
No prizes will be awarded, but winners will have the sheer satisfaction of knowing they've solved the mysteries of...KC's HEAD.

KC #1:
OK, so we'll start nice and easy for the first week.  This KC was last seen chasing a large Mothra around the Pattenburg (he eventually found it in the vestibule).
KC #1
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Your Guess:

KC #2:
Ahh, an artistic masterpiece to say the least.  I believe this one's on display in the Loover...or would that be the Louvre?  Regardless, many years after the original painting, anti-smoking activists removed the cigarette.  It has been painstakingly restored, as you see here, to its natural state.
KC #2

Your Guess:

KC #3:
Still pretty easy, though the historically- challenged my find it a bit difficult.   For those foks, here's a hint.  This miniscule magnate was the subject of a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon - "But I am, I am..."
KC #3

Your Guess:

KC #4:
Showing that beauty cannot be tainted by some extra baggage, this sexy KC was photographed in the buff on the cover of Vanity Fair.
KC #4

Your Guess:

If you are happy with your guesses, hit submit to send your responses to Mow the Dog.  If you had trouble, feel free to hit reset and try again, since apparently, you are either extremely vision-impaired or have lived under a rock for several decades.

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