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There's only two this week, but we think you'll find them both challenging and fun!

Rules of the Game: This game is designed for entertainment purposes only (please...no wagering).  No prizes will be awarded, but winners will have the sheer satisfaction of knowing they've solved the mysteries of KC's HEAD.  Losers, on the other hand, will be struck repeatedly about the head with a blunt object.

KC #1:   I can't beleef it's not booter.  This KC is the large-breasted, long-haired star of Harlequin romance novels and the fantasy of every woman in America nearing the age of 102.
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Your Guess:
KC #2:   Uh-oh!  Who can forget this moment in history, when this beefy KC actually killed a large bird (using only his huge face as a weapon) while taking the very first ride on a new Busch Gardens rollercoaster.
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Your Guess:

If you are happy with your guesses, hit submit to send your responses to Mow the Dog.  Please include your name so we can list you as a KC's Head Winner!  If you'd like to be part of a Mow the Dog mailing list, enter your email address.  Don't worry, your name will not be added to any list outside of Mow the Dog.   Feel free to add any comments or suggestions for more entries for KC's Head.   Thanks for playing!

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