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Mow the Dog - In the Studio

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Karl Dietel - in the studio
Fall, 1999

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rich_small.jpg (3935 bytes) kc.jpg (4050 bytes) Mow the Dog is currently working with several bands and solo acts on a variety of projects.  Our client list is, if nothing else, diverse; ranging from a traditional polka band to a progressive keyboard/synth-driven rock act.

Recordings are normally split into separate sessions for base rhythm tracks (bass, drums, guitart/vocal scratch track) and overdubs (guitar, keys, vocals, percussion, etc.).   In some instances, bands choose to track each instrument separately; while more time consuming, this method achieves the utmost sound quality.
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We are fully equipped to handle any of your projects.  Our experience includes complete start to finish recording situations: base tracks, overdubs, production, editing, mastering and cd production & duplication.  We are also well-equipped to take existing material recorded elsewhere so that you can continue your work in a local, relaxed professional studio.

We provide a relaxed, comfortable recording experience where the musicians control the time and pace of recording.  We've had a band record 12 songs in 3 hours and another record 3 songs in 12 hours - it's up to you.   After a session, you can kick back, grab a brew and catch the game while reviewing the tapes.
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To reserve studio time, contact Brian Bridge at 908-713-0887 or