Mow the Dog

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Mow the Dog - In the Studio with
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Karl Dietel: Keyboards, Vocals

The Shaft, KC Cary, Sweet 'n Meaty, Chazaray Facas, Uncle Sloppy, The Alan Bennett Band, Chris Messina & Off Ramp, The Rich Phillips Band, Joe Stuby and Rocking Horse...these are just a few of the groups who have enlisted Karl's talents.  Widely known as one of the area's best keyboardists, Karl has extended his talents to bass, vocals, harmonica and anything else he can get his hands on.

His latest work in the studio is a solo project, featuring songs written, arranged and originally performed by Karl for the demo cd "Before Songs" ('cause there be four songs on the disc).

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Tom Nelson: Drums

A former student of Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck Quartet) and a familiar face in the Central New Jersey rock scene, Tom has been playing for the past 10+ years in The Shaft throughout NJ and Eastern PA.

Tom DeGasperis: Bass

From his blazing style with the Norm to his inventive work with the Walt Bibinger Trio, Tom is on top of any band's wish list for bass player.  Catch Tom's work on KC Cary's upcoming release, as well as the excellent live CD from the Walt Bibinger Trio (jazz).

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For more information, contact Karl at

To reserve studio time, contact Brian Bridge at 908-713-0887 or