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Polka, polka,'s the GB's.  Can someone give me a "hopi-shopi"?  Tentatively titled "GBs 2000 A.D.", their new cd should be complete by late January '00 and features GBs originals and new arrangements of standards by Gene Bartkiewicz.  Gene, who is a member of the Grammy-winning Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, has called this some of the most comfortable and enjoyable time he's ever spent in a studio.  We like that.  We also like the fact that they show up for every session with a stockpile of cold Heinekens.

Check out the artwork for the "GB's 2000 A.D."
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It is my pleasure to be able to write this telling you about the dynamic Polka Band known as the GB's (which stands for Griffin, Bartkiewicz and Stapinski, the last names of the members of the group).  Some of you may already be familiar with this group from their first and only album, "Down By the Riverside", which has been featured on Bill Shibilsky's "Moldie Oldies Corner" and "Where Are they Now (who cares)".  But most famous for the fact that they outright jipped the public by recording only 5 songs, yes folks - count 'em - five songs on each side, leaving enough space to have added at least two more songs.  But then again, if you heard the album you might have said, "Thank God it's only ten songs!!!"  Either way, they are doing it again.  Yes, polka fans, they have the downright audacity to make a CD this time.  I wonder how many songs they'll have the guts to put on this album.   Maybe if we are lucky, they'll only record on one side.

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Rich, Mike & Gene these guys are a lot older, balder, chubbier and possibly even deaf, which could be why they have chosen to use baby pictures rather than actual photos that couldn't be altered technologically in any way to improve their appearances.  The album title "The GBS 2000AD" or "Y2K or WHY GBS - which do we really need to fear?" features a variety of polkas and obereks that will get your toes tappin', unlike their first album, which moved so fast that it made your toes fall off.  The arrangements done by accordianist, Gene Bartkiewicz combine contemporary with traditional to make a sound only unique to the GBS orchestra.  Their rendition of the "O Sole Mio Polka" (yes folks, you heard it right - an Italian Polka) is most enjoyable. 

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But if not for the talents of their fine drummer, Richard Bartkiewicz, younger brother of Gene, who is able to control the beat and speed at which these polkas are played, the band would be nothing.  His credits include playing with many big time polka bands at home and abroad, such as Jimmy Sturr, Matty Rock and Ray Barno, and he has appeared on television on such fine programs as "The Zacharly Show" and "The Jolly Joe Timmer Show".  His extraordinary ability to hit the drums and cymbals while simultaneously tapping his foot on the bass drum and producing a pleasant beat proves the theory that Polocks CAN do two things at once (as long as they are sitting down!).

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Rich - playing his horn

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Andy & Joe

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Don't Ask...

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Don't be fooled into thinking that all polkas sound alike!  It's a trained ear that can differentiate between polkas as well as the fact that the lyrics are different, too.  So now, just sit back and listen to the wonderful sounds of the GB's

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Andy - wedged in

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Rich working hard

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Rich hardly working

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