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Off Ramp is a project fronted by keyboardist and composer Chris Messina and featuring several of the area's most sought-after session and live musicians.

With an explosive progressive rock sound, featuring the melodic guitar work of Scott MacDonald and the frantic drumming of Barefoot John Flanagan, Off Ramp will make you stand up and say, "Toto, I don't think this is Kansas any more... perhaps it's Rush...or King Crimson...or...".

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Scott MacDonald, Chris Messina, John Flanagan

Chris Messina: Keyboards, Synth, Vocals

By day, he's a mild-mannered history teacher...
By night, he's a mild-mannered history teacher at home.

But hey, he's the hardest rockin' history teacher in all of New Jersey, dammit.

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Barefoot John Flanagan: Drums, Percussion

A powerhouse drummer, John has performed with various local acts, including the Bob Bibeau Band and One Cat Left.  Lost his hair when the quarter stick of dynamite he hid in his bass drum blew up in Pete's ear...oh wait, that was Keith Moon.

Karl Dietel: Bass

At last count, Karl was playing in 42 bands in 3 different countries simultaneously.   From his days in the Shaft to his current solo project, Karl has always been a highly respected and sought-after keyboardist.  Adding bass and vocals to his repertoire, Karl is still a highly respected and sought-after keyboardist.

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Scott "Mister X" MacDonald: Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Scott has been playing guitar for 32 years, which isn't bad for a guy who's only 30.   Currently fronting his own band, One Cat Left, Scott has performed in countless NJ acts over the past 10+ years.

For more Off Ramp information or booking, contact Chris Messina
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To reserve studio time, contact Brian Bridge at 908-713-0887 or