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Mow the Dog - About the Company

"...just another one of our cockamamie Ralph Kramden schemes..."

R. Phillips, Co-owner and Producer, 1999

Moe the Real DogMoe the Dog was found in the Spring of '96, sitting on the doorstep of our new home, with no belongings aside from a slightly slobbered-up green tennis ball.  Similarly, mow_trademark.gif (1300 bytes) was founded in the Summer of '99, when two friends got together, got s'faced sloppy drunk and concocted a hairbrained dream of opening a recording studio.  These two facts have nothing to do with each other, aside from the fact that the author has a severe case of attention-deficit disorder.  Now, where were we?

Mow the Dog Productions was officially opened in the summer of '99 by long-time friends and musical cohorts, Rich Phillips and Brian Bridge.   For Rich, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, the move into studio production and digital pc-based engineering was a logical step from his career in software development.  For Brian, a communications specialist in the telcom industry, the company represents a life-long dream of being as far away from corporate America as humanly possible without having to move into a cave and rely on a diet of insects and fungi.