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 Mow the Dog Productions, LLC

Welcome, friends, to Mow the Dog Productions - a slightly offbeat crew providing a host of multimedia production services. Located in scenic Hunterdon County NJ, we specialize in live sound engineering and recording. Other services include digital imaging, graphics & promotional materials for bands and entertainers. For additional information, pricing and the fine print, just drop us a note

So what does a  do, anyway?

live sound reinforcement and digital multi-track recording
for events large or small, with professional, experienced engineers
running the best in pro-audio gear from

We also do permanent sound installations, designed specifically for your space and sound requirements!
NEW>> Diamond Eye Jack from our Friday Nights Live Concert Series 9.5.22 <<NEW
LISTEN>> Live Sample Tracks are Now Available! <<LISTEN
Contact us at bbridge@mowthedog.com or 908.432.1639 to book your next show!


Mow the Dog


For information regarding mow_trademark.gif (1300 bytes) Productions, please contact:

Brian Bridge at bbridge@mowthedog.com