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Rich Phillips' World-Famous Top Five Hot Women of the World

  What happens when only one person in a company has access to their website?  Furthermore, what would happen if that person asked a few times for the other person's input for a page titled "Rich's Top 5" and has not received anything?

Answer: Below is Rich's Top 5 List of hot women (as selected by the webmaster), in no particular order.

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Number 5: Shirley Hemphill
Star of TV's "What's Happenin" as sexy Rob's Place waitress "Shirl".  Rumor has it that Rich spent several years of his childhood decorating his bedroom with Shirley Memorabilia and, for quite some time, insisted on his friends calling him by his new name "Rerun".

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Number 4: Bea Arthur
And then there's MAUDE.  Yes, it's a well-known fact that this Maude and Golden Girls hottie gets Rich all aflutter.  We think it's that low, sultry voice and the casket...oops, I meant bedroom...eyes.

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Number 3: Janet Reno
Rich likes a woman of power.  Enter Janet Reno.

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Numbers 2 & 1: Carnie Wilson
Star of Wilson Phillips and the short lived "Carnie" talk show!   It's a well-know fact that Rich went into a deep depression when Carnie was cancelled; emerging from his room only to walk out his front door, stand on the porch and shout "Carnie...Carnie..." into the night like a boy shouting for his lost dog.   If you're ever in Frenchtown, NJ late at night, roll down your window and listen.   If the wind is blowing right, you just may hear that lonely love-call of....CARNEEEEE