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Customer Commendations

"If it weren't for Brian's creative efforts, my campaign would never have gotten off the ground. He helped me demonstrate that this is the quickest and most effective way to answer people directly. I was very impressed by Brian Bridge's efforts, ideas, and useful suggestions. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again".  Leo Gawroniak, 2004 - www.voteforleo.com

"I found having my band's website developed by Mow the Dog Web Design Services to be a great experience. Designer Brian Bridge was flexible and open to all the ideas I had. I felt we worked as a team in sharing a common vision.  I would highly recommend using Mow the Dog to design any type of web site that you may need".  John Straley, 2004 - www.undercover-band.net

"We had one half hour meeting where I outlined roughly what the site might look like, and explained to Brian the products we wanted to show. Brian took some literature and some photos of our products, and in a short time we could view the web site on the internet. We have received compliments from some of our regular customers, who refer our site to their customers. The price was right and the work prompt".  George Gay, 2004 - www.towercomponentsinc.com

"Brian, I took a look, and I just want to say that you do GREAT work. I really appreciate your time and effort in customizing this to our needs".  Todd Fenwick, 2004 - www.hunterdonlearning.com

"Nice job, fantastic, great, superb, simply marvelous... Great job, have I said that yet"?  Christian D'Annunzio, 2003 - www.thehcnews.com

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