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Mow the Dog - Links & Other Funky Junk
This page is currently under construction, with new sites being added as we happen to stumble across them.  If you have a site you would like to be added to this page, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to bbridge@mowthedog.com ...the Management

Bert, of Sesame Street fame, is caught in several uncompromising positions in this hilarious site that determines the root of all evil is Bert.  (I would have guess it was Bert Convy, but what the hell do I know)

Useful Links/Download Sites:
Real.com Download the Real Player for MP3-format audio on the web
Some of our Favorite Links:
Foundry Music Unofficial home of WNEW's Opie and Anthony.  There's some really odd stuff in here, so beware, kiddies.
The SPAM Haiku Archive Now this is really something.   Over 14,000 SPAM-KUs about that mysterious lunch meat.  Includes my current favorite: "Bombing foes with SPAM | The Geneva Convention | Strictly forbits it"   You can even submit your own SPAM Haiku
Local Websites & Businesses in Central NJ
Hunterdon County Home Page News and Local Business Information from Hunterdon County, NJ
NJ Now Central New Jersey's Region OnLine Site.  We're listed here under Arts Affiliates/ Design Arts...but that's not the only reason to go there, it's just the best I could come up with.
Links that Make You Say, "Why?"
NEW! Wink's Word Yes, everyone on the planet needs their own home page.  Even Wink Martindale.  I think everyone should take him up on his offer to "Ask Wink".  Here's my question (no response to date)-"Wink, I'm a big fan of your song The Blind Man in the Bleachers.  Could I suggest a follow-up comeback hit for you...something along the lines of Mute Guy in the Glee Club, or One-Legged Dude in a Three-Legged Sack Race.  They're sure to be hits.  Thanks for your thoughtful consideration.
The Chia Head Page No, we're not kidding.  It's a site about Chia Pets.  Who knew they had so many?  I've ordered hundreds for Christmas gifts for the family
The Elvis Jr. Page Here's a guy who really believes he's the illegitimate first-born son of Elvis.  No, not that fem skater from Canada...the King.  Good news - in June, he'll be at Jordan's Diner in Syracuse, NY!   See, you can make a career out of impersonation.  By the way, have I mentioned that I am Nipsey Russel Junior?
SPAM.COM Not only can you join the SPAM fan club, but you can select choice gifts from the SPAM Gift Catalog.  "Thanks Mom, for my SPAM-scented after shave and lip balm"
Fabio Ate My Balls We have no explanation for this site...none at all.  Go see for yourself (no, it's not pornographic - just bizarre)
People with Toasters Yes, that's right - I said TOASTERS.  This page is loaded with pictures of people and their TOASTERS.  Why?   I have no freaking clue...but it made me laugh.