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Mow the Dog - About the Facility

"...Hey Sue, here's a great idea.  Let's build a recording studio in our basement...in the off-time, we'll use it as an exercise room"

B. Bridge, Co-owner and Business Manager, 1999 - still out of shape

enter.jpg (5376 bytes)Welcome to the mow_trademark.gif (1300 bytes) recording facility.  This is our main recording area - a relatively small space, but one built under the direction of the industry's top acoustic design experts (yes, the Internet is a beautiful thing).  Specially designed to limit the bouncing of sound waves, the room was constructed with thick, double insulated walls and ceiling, sheet rock wallboard covered by a layer of pourous plywood and extra thick carpeting and padding. drums.jpg (7347 bytes) Numerous sound-soaking acoustic panels cover the walls, providing a nice padded environment for some of our less-stable performers.  Actually, what this all means is that we've created a nearly silent, reverberation-free area to capture high quality recordings.

The space is designed to handle your normal 4-5 piece band, though we can expand to accomodate larger groups.  KC Cary holds our current record with 9 band members at once (guitar, bass, drums, 3-man horn section and 3 backup vocalists), all scattered around various parts of the building.

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console.jpg (8639 bytes)Mow the Dog's mission control center - new for 2001!  OK, so it's not the Power Station, but that's the beauty of digital recording - in a very limited space with compact equipment, you've got everything you need to produce high-quality cd recordings.  This is the 'guts' of the operation.  Alesis 16-track studio console, Alesis ADAT digital tape recorders (not pictured), Event studio monitors and the purple stuffed goose head (every studio's got one), torn off it's lifeless body by our mascot and CEO, Moemoe_bust.jpg (1478 bytes).  Bad boy, Moe.console02.jpg (8143 bytes)

Oh, of course there's also the compressors, and effects unit and all the other technical hooha that I leave to our producer while I focus my attention elsewhere on much more important things...like beer.


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