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Mow the Dog - Studio, Recording and Engineering Equipment

"...now Mrs. Bridge, you do realize you'll have to pay this immediately upon receipt of the bill..."
Credit Card Fraud-Prevention Department at time of purchase, 1999


adat.jpg (3991 bytes)Mow the Dog uses Alesis ADAT-XT20 20 Bit Digital Audio Recorders:
"The XT20 improves upon the capabilities of earlier models of ADAT and other digital recording formats by recording eight tracks of true, linear 20-bit digital audio onto tape, without using external converters or multiplexers."

What does that mean, you may ask...hell, I don't know - I just pulled it off their website.  But the sound we're getting out of them is great.

studio32.jpg (9206 bytes)Alesis Studio 32 Recording Console:

You've got to love a board that's nice and compact, yet has tons of knobs and levers.   Sometimes, when the engineer isn't around, I sit and move the knobs and levers around like I know what I'm doing.  Then my wife walks in and catches me fondling my knob and spoils all the fun.  Can't a guy even work his lever in peace, for corn sakes???

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