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Mow the Dog - The Local Bands Page

This page is dedicated to providing exposure to some of the best bands playing clubs in the Central New Jersey area.  The bands on this page are not necessarily affiliated with Mow the Dog...we just really like them.  If you have a band playing Central New Jersey clubs and would like to be added to this site, send your information to bbridge@mowthedog.com

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Dyer Weed

Members of Bright Water Garden and Uncle Sloppy unite to form Dyer Weed; Jersey's most reckless jam band.   Fronted by the shaman-like Judd D'Annunzio and the double-guitar attack of Dave Carvatt and Eliott Morris, DW is a regular at local venues such as the  Pattenburg House, Planet HB and the Burns House.  Known to break into standards, hymns or spirituals in the middle of a rock tune, DW is a must see - with an ever-evolving set list that often includes songs they've never even heard before.   If nothing else, it's fun to watch the drummer try to figure out what to do when the band suddenly breaks into "Hava Nigila"
Visit the Dyer Weed Home Page

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the Karl Dietel Band (KarlJam)

Hunterdon County's keyboardist. This man's everywhere. Chances are good that you've seen him with filling in with Dyer Weed, One Cat Left, Cairo, What the Funk or any other number of local bands. Here's his OWN project, with some of the area's finest session musicians backing up his slick keys on rockin' originals and current covers. Visit Karl's Home Page

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Rich Phillips

Retired co-founder of mow_trademark.gif (1300 bytes) is now back on the live music scene, with his intense songwriting and guitar attack.  His music defies description or categorization...as does his hair. But that's beside the point.  The point is, you must see this man perform live, as he belts out originals while using his guitar as both a guitar and a set of hand percussion. Look for Rich at the area's various open mics and at solo gigs at Pattenburg House and the Inn at Alpha. Visit the Rich Phillips Home Page

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One Cat Left

Another of Central NJ's fine bands on the verge of something big.  They've just released a new album, featuring an appearances by the legendary Bernie Worrell (Parliament/ Funkadelic) and Amfibian's Pete Cottone.  Be sure to check out their website (designed by mow_trademark.gif (1300 bytes)  - home of shameless self-promotion) for more info and MP3s from their new album. Visit the One Cat Left Home Page

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Second Left

We saw Second Left for the first time at a benefit show and were blown away. One of the tightest jam bands you're ever going to hear and the refreshing return of some fun music to bounce around to.  I'm not one to dance (as a 6'5 really, really white guy, I'm not sure it's even legal), but I couldn't stand still when this band was on.  Be sure to check out their website for more info and some tunes. Visit the Second Left Home Page

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Nasty Ned & the New Conqueroos

Simply put...this band rocks.  Every time I see 'em, I wind up drinking way too much and making a fool of myself (a sure sign I've had a good time).  Veterans of the Central Jersey music scene, the New Conqueroos (formerly known as the Famous Chili Dogs) can be seen monthly at clubs like the Pattenburg House (Pattenburg, NJ), Tim Kerwin's (Bound Brook, NJ) and Orphan Annies (Stirling, NJ). Visit the Nasty Ned Home Page

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Here's their description - I couldn't say it any better:
It's funk. It's rock. It's boogie-woogie and honkey-tonk. It's New Orleans rhythm-and-blues, Southern soul and Caribbean party music, all taken apart and put back together with the ingenuity of a child destroying a favorite toy.
I once sat in the rain for two hours waiting for these guys to open up for Buckwheat Zydeco.  Did they ever play?  I have no idea...Rumpleminze is bad for you. Visit the VooDUDE Nation

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The Norm

The ageless wonder, Billy Geer, is at it again!  This time out, Billy's brought long-time NJ guitar whiz Steve Gorduek (Gandalf, Ground Zero, the Ritz Band...) along for the ride.  Can't get enough of the 70's stadium rock?  Come out and see these guys rip through covers of Frampton, BadCo, Nazareth and Foghat.Visit the Norm Home Page

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Walt Bibinger

Formerly of the Norm & currently fronting the Walt Bibinger Trio, Walt is widely considered the best guitarist in the area.  For a great night of jazz music, check out the trio at the incredibly intimate Deer Head Inn, Water Gap, PA. Visit Walt's Home Page

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Raglan Road

OK, so these guys are not really local (Queens, NY), but I had to include 'em.  I saw Raglan Road in a tiny Irish pub in South Norwalk, CT and was absolutely blown away by their mix of punk and traditional Irish folk that made me drink far too much Guiness and hop around like that crazy bastard from River Dance.  If you go to their site, check out "CD Info" and play the clip from their cut "Psycho Reels" - you'll see what I mean. Visit Raglan Road's Home Page

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Only Footprints

I'm not sure where these guys came from, but they opened for The Band's Jim Weider one night at the Pattenburg House and rocked.   And that's not all that easy for a band with no drummer.  Awesome Dead-influenced acoustic band, with great vocals and a must-see guitarist. Visit the Only Footprints Home Page

Other & Bands with Really Funny Names

These are actual band names and their websites, if available:

the fux - straight from fuxing Allentown, PA...it's the fux! - http://www.big-fat.com/fux/main.htm
drop thud oops - see info on their album, "Beep Beep Boom" at http://www.dropthudoops.asimusic.com/